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Before I popped the cherry

I have always had a crush on Mark from the second year in secondary school. He was in SS 1 while I was in JSS 2. He was the choice of every girl in school. Everyone wanted to be around him as He is tall, dark and handsome. I did everything within my reach to…
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Ready to date?

Now, I enjoy talking about this because lots of questions arise, but not to worry, I shall be addressing them in this post. Some persons have claimed that a boyfriend/girlfriend is a boy/girl you having sexual intercourse with while others will say No oh! He/she is just a friend. So let me end this argument…
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I almost got HIV from a total Stranger

On a faithful Monday morning, I was excited to head to school. I had my uniform neatly ironed with the spider web design, my white socks, and my brown sandals. I carried my blue school bag with all my notebooks neatly arranged in it and waved goodbye to my dad as I left the house.…
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My Uterus is often angry (Pt. 2)

“Sorry dear, sorry, let’s get you to the sick bay,” said Amina, who is Sabrina’s best friend and bunkmate. Sabrina responded with tears streaming down her cheeks “So I will be missing today’s test like I missed last term’s exam. I’m really tired of all these, I wish I had no uterus” Sabrina often has…
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My uterus is often angry (Pt. 1)

“Beep beep” the alarm rang at 9 ‘o’ clock in the morning, “Arrgh!” screamed Tinu in hot tears while being curled up in fetal position writhing in gnawing abdominal pains radiating to her lower back, she had been to the toilet twice as well. She has been this way four hours curling and turning before…
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